theme nights

Music Fest 2023 will continue their amazing theme parties for  2023. Music Fest takes theme parties and ups the sexiness. Music Fest 2023 themes will be  the talk of Desire Pearl. Check back here often for information about Music Fest 2023 Theme Nights.


naughty pirate masquerade ball

Tuesday: Everyone likes to pillage and plunder some booty. Tonight we will have a Naughty Pirate Masquerade Ball – Sexy and Naughty Pirate Outfits, are you going to be the Captain or the wench?

Attire: Corsets, skirts, piratical wear.

heroes & villains

Wednesday: Are you the Hero or the Villain? Show us your Super Hero outfit, and what sexy powers you might have!

Attire: Super Hero, Villain, Marvel

dirty disco

Thursday: It’s your time to shine like a Disco Ball. This inspired theme brings out the shine in all of you. So break out the shimmer, shine and bling like a disco ball.

Attire: Shimmer Shine & Bling

intergalactic glow

Friday: This will be an Out Of This World Destination. Full of sexy space creatures, and erotic glow attire.

Attire: Space Glow, Alien Glow, Space creature of all. Just make it glow sexy in Area 69

bedtime stories

Saturday: Going to bed isn’t for sleeping while at Vibrations at Desire Pearl. On this night bed time will bring a whole new meaning. Bed Time Stories- Sexy, Fetish, Lingerie, Bedtime attire. What do you wear, that creates a story at bedtime?

Attire: Lingerie, Fetish, Sexy Bedtime Wear